Support local communities with mobile top-ups

We developed Airtime Solution to send mobile top-ups to underbanked communities around the world with ease.

Send mobile top-ups directly around the world

Our Airtime Solution enables you to send mobile top-ups directly to local prepaid phone numbers in over 170 countries within seconds. You can use, save, and manage receiver lists to send airtime to hundreds of people in one go. The receiver then converts the top-up into mobile airtime, minutes, or data depending on their needs.

Not familiar with the term “mobile top-up”? It also means mobile credit, recharge, refill, or load.

Airtime Dashboard

You can track mobile top-up disbursements, receiver lists, and projects via the Airtime Dashboard. Your organisation can create multiple user types with different access levels to ensure information security and data privacy. The Dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use, even for people without a technical background.

Generate customised and transparent reports

Reduce administrative workload by generating customised transaction reports with sortable transaction history based on dates and projects. All transactions are recorded and visible, increasing transparency among your stakeholders.

Prevent fraud by enhanced security

Signing into Airtime Dashboard requires completing a two-step verification process. Users are automatically signed out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Airtime Dashboard also notifies if the administrator uses a new IP address for signing in. We take all the security measures to make sure your data is never compromised.
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