Revolution of donating

AirImpact’s Charity Solution provides radical transparency for the charity sector

Support local communities directly

With our Charity Solution, charities can support communities directly by releasing funds against clear milestones. Our technology connects people to projects and communities, maximising efficient and transparent fund transfer, goal monitoring, and follow-up.

Mobilise people in the field

Real and sustainable impact requires the buy-in and involvement of local communities. With AirImpact Charity Solution, charities can better engage the people working in the field by compensating them directly via their mobile wallets.

Increase accountability

Charities can set clearly defined milestones through an easy-to-use online dashboard before the project starts. Once the project meets these targets, the funds are released in batches to community members working in the field. Funds won’t be released until the targets are met.

Transparency for donors

Charity donors can at all times track the progress of projects in the Charity application. In real-time, donors see which milestones are met and when people in the field receive the funds.

Case Study - is a transparent way to support communities by directly releasing funds against clear milestones. It uses AirImpact technology to connect people to projects and communities and maximise efficient funds transfer, goal monitoring, and follow-up.
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