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We want to make a difference in communities with inclusive, transparent, and immediate impact transfers for everyone without unnecessary hustle.
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Impact as a Service

Charity donors don’t always know if their donations made an impact due to a lack of visibility on how organisations use their funds. This lack of transparency reduces the number of people giving to charities and diminishes trust towards NGOs.
At AirImpact, we develop solutions to enable transparent value transfer in donations, mobile airtime, and digital coupons. We connect people with financial means to those who can create an impact within their local communities.
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Our solutions

We offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to help impact organisations and individuals raise more funds for their programs and make operations more efficient.
We support transparent end-to-end payments to community members on the ground. The solution releases funds to an end receiver after a third party has verified that predetermined conditions were met.
Charity Solution
Sustainable loyalty programs
These programs enable businesses to engage their customers and employees in the donation process while increasing their corporate responsibility initiatives. A donation dashboard also automates the management of impact vouchers.
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Airtime Solution helps non-government organisations and businesses send airtime and mobile data to their local employees, participants, and communities. The solution is available in 170 countries all over the world.
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Our customised solutions enable the generation and distribution of digital coupons and vouchers for basic needs such as food, water, electricity, school fees, and other necessities.
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What they say

  • Michele Menegon

    AirImpact has provided us with a groundbreaking technology solution that enables MyPlanet to support local conservation communities in Tanzania and gives donors visibility on how their funds are being used. It’s a win-win!
  • Juhana Lehtinen

    Project Manager, CMI
    Zippie has provided a great tool for our work at CMI: the airtime transfer scheme has enabled us to support our partners in a number of countries across Africa with a minimal administrative burden. The service has helped to ensure that people stay connected to the peace and security discourse throughout the pandemic, and beyond.

Make a difference with Airtime

AirImpact offers a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution for non-profit organisations and companies. We enable sending of mobile data to employees and communities in over 170 countries.
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