Scaling high-quality 
climate action

From idea to solution: technology, expertise, and
 financial resources to prove impact and bring
 transparency to carbon projects

Our vision is to regenerate nature and combat
climate change by stopping deforestation and
protecting biodiversity. Because when nature
thrives, so do we

Calculating carbon stockings is a herculean task! It was time-consuming and
 expensive. With AirImpact, we reduced the time spent on carbon calculations
 significantly, from 2 weeks to a literal few minutes minutes, making our projects
 more efficient and cost-effective. It’s a game-changer for project developers, 
especially as it allows us to ‘play-around’ with species composition and see,
 quickly, how different tree mixes translate into different carbon stockings. 
AirImpact also vastly reduces human-made errors.

Andrea Bianchi – Tropical Botanist, AirImpact

Our mission is to enable tens of thousands of high-
impact, nature-based projects to thrive. We offer technology, expertise, and financial resources to
 establish and scale projects,prove impact and
 bring end-to-end transparency


How is Airimpact 
helping you?

Running nature-based projects can be
challenging, and we understand the
struggles. At AirImpact, we're here to help.

Project Portfolio

An all-in-one platform
 that makes project development
 smooth, cutting out the need
 for multiple tools.

Digital Platform

A collection of high-potential projects,
 with AirImpact as a partner
 providing market
representation to buyers and
contributing with its expertise.

All-in-one-solution for
managing nature-based
carbon projects.

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Digital Platform

Our tools simplify project development and take away your worries starting from
 the idea to execution to monitoring and reporting  enabling you to concentrate on 
making a genuine difference.

Carbon calculator

Your math wizard. Know accurate, data-driven
 annual carbon impact.

Monitoring Tools

The eyes and ears of your
project. Gathering data and
insights that ensure everything
is on track.

AI Advisor

Your project's smart companion. 

Navigate the complexity of carbon project standards
 and methodologies.

Transparent Reports

Your project truth-teller.
Real-time reports. Track your
project's progress in easy-to-
understand format.

Project Design

Your vision comes to life. 
Through expertise, thoughtful
project design and strategic 

AI Generated Documents

Your project's documentation is a breeze with access
to AI generated documents anytime anyday.

Asset Verification

Your project's digital guardian.
Digitally issued and verified 
using blockchain technology
ensuring a secure process.

Financial Planning and Monitoring

Your financial GPS. Monitor payments, plan your
budget, and ensure your project's financial viability.

Prove your impact

Our digital platform ensures meticulous monitoring to guarantee maximal impact in climate action, community prosperity, and ecosystem preservation.

Carbon Removal

  • Standardized carbon 
removal calculation
  • Verified carbon asset balance
  • Satellite, Lidar and mobile area plot measurement

Ecosystem & biodiversity preservation

  • eDNA monitoring
  • Unattended sound recording based monitoring
  • Camera trap monitoring

Community Empowerment

  • eDNA monitoring
  • Unattended sound recording based monitoring
  • Camera trap monitoring

Financial Stability

  • Financial transparency and integrity
  • Milestone payments based on impact

By investing in nature-based 
solutions, we get nature on our side

Project Portfolio

A collection of high-potential projects, with AirImpact as a partner
providing market representation to buyers and contributing with its expertise.
From our portfolio: Tropical reforestation project
in the Nguru Mountains, Tanzania
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​​We remain committed to walk the talk 
within the carbon ecosystem with a laser focus on Action,
Impact,and Transparency, holding highest
standards of quality and integrity


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​​The path ahead of us, to protect and restore nature and
improve our resilience to climate change, is complex but
promising. It is also full of opportunities. We invite you to
 be part of the solution, with nature

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all-in-one tools you need to thrive in the carbon market.

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