User-friendly digital platform for full lifecycle carbon credit projects

Streamlining carbon credit project management, certification and issuance.
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Why AirImpact

Support your carbon credit project with all necessary tools and features.
Assisted onboarding and eligibility
Determine if your project is eligible for carbon credits and which certification agency and methodology would be the best fit.
All-in-one project management tools
Easy-to-use tools for budgeting, cash flow planning, transparent milestone-based community payments with connections to monitoring tools.
Guided digital certification process
Digital collaboration between all parties involved with the certification process, in one portal. Our AI guided tools help projects estimate the carbon removal and write project documentation.
Digitalized asset management and issuance
Fully digitalized asset issuance and management, allowing for the distribution of carbon credits, bonds and futures via public blockchain or private databases all the way to the investors and end customers.
How it works

Carbon Credit Suite

All-in-one solution for managing carbon credit projects.
Project dashboard
Asset Verification
Project dashboard

Manage your project with efficiency and transparency

Everything you need for managing projects, certification and issuance.
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Certification Agency Dashboard

Pass on your project to certification

Connect projects directly to certification agencies for certification approval and issuance of carbon credits.
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Asset Verification Platform

Give buyers full transparency to verify project status

Let your clients authenticate and retire assets in a transparent and easy way.
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Technology benefits

Boost productivity and transparency with our cutting-edge technology

We offer flexibility, security, transparency and verifiability with a comprehensive range of features and tools.
Agnostic database structure
Works with a range of different database structures, including private databases and ledgers, private and public blockchains.
Easy integration and connections
Easy integration with other systems and tools, such as monitoring and exchanges.
Computational verification
Enables verifying data and digital signatures of the different parties involved in the project and certification process with a high level of security and transparency.
Multi-party digital signatures and proofs
Multi-party signatures and digital proofs across the project certification process where the project, auditor and certification agency can digitally sign on accuracy of information, certification and issuance.

Partner with us and create your own unique infrastructure

Customisable, whitelabeled and licensable infrastructure with a comprehensive range of features and tools for regional partnerships.
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