Empowering the battle against deforestation and climate change through transparency, security, and digital innovation in the carbon market

We advance global climate action by offering a transparent, secure, and digitalized platform for managing nature-based carbon projects.

We are committed to fostering collaboration among stakeholders, combating deforestation and climate change, and promoting sustainable development with environmental stewardship at the core. We strive to make a tangible impact on climate change and create a greener, more sustainable future for all.

A Journey from Inspiration to Transformation

Our journey began in 2018 when our founder, Antti Saarnio, while travelling in Africa read the book "Elephant Whisperer" and had a powerful realization: incentivizing local communities is the key to protecting nature. Inspired by this idea, Antti sought out a dedicated conservation partner, ultimately joining forces with PAMS Foundation, a highly respected NGO in East Africa.

This collaboration lead to developing a digital platform to facilitate transparent, milestone-based payments to communities working in conservation project. In 2022, we started our first reforestation project in the unique, 30-million-year-old rainforest of the Nguru Mountains.

How to scale into 
10 000 projects in Africa

As we delved deeper into the reforestation project, we learned how challenging it was to establish a certified, transparent forestation project. Way too complex for something to scale in large volumes in Africa.

To halt Africa's deforestation, which is currently proceeding at a rate of 40,000 km2 per year, we would need 10,000 projects similar to ours.

This realization led us to understand that widespread success would only be possible if:

Establishing forest based carbon projects and accessing the market is made easy.
Project monitoring can accurately prove whether real reforestation and forest protection results are achieved or not.
Project carbon sales volumes and financial flows are transparent.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, AirImpact evolved to:

Simplify project submissions and certification.
Enhance transparency with advanced monitoring tools.
Calculate carbon removal using cutting-edge methods.
Manage carbon asset portfolios transparently and conveniently.
Today, AirImpact connects developers, investors, and buyers to protect and restore Earth's precious ecosystems.

Our mission is to fight climate change by developing and delivering innovative tools that streamline the creation and implementation of transparent, effective climate projects

Our Team

Antti Saarnio
Nihel Chabrak
Director, AirImpact UAE
Annika Saarnio
Business Development & Legal
Riikka Loisamo
Director, Partnerships
Andrea Bianchi
Tropical botanist
Lisa Dergachova
Marketing & Digital Content
David Biagini
Product Owner
Ryan Jandrick
Back-end Developer
Gel Gamoras
UX/UI Designer
Olha Vadiasova
Front-end Developer
Ronyella Veliyusa
Quality Assurance
Eliud Maiko
Front-end Developer


Michele Menegon
African Conservation Expert
Denis Alden
Forest biomass growth expert