Building Airimpact

AirImpact was founded by Antti Saarnio, a tech entrepreneur from Finland.

After reading the book "Elephant Whisperer", he realized that encouraging local communities is the key to protecting nature, and technology should be the driving force behind change. 

Together with his team, he started the journey to creating a holistic tech ecosystem that tackles three problems

We need tens of thousands of nature-based projects to stop deforestation.
We need to ensure that nature-based projects deliver promised impact in terms of protecting ecosystem and biodiversity and climate action with integrity and transparency.
We need to involve local communities and ensure their continuous benefits for the long-term viability of the projects.
Dr. Antti Saarnio

To succeed with these we need technology which can support each of these critical areas.

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Our team has expertise in both tech and conservation. This synergy defines AirImpact – a perfect blend of knowledge and passion.

Here at AirImpact, it's more than just technology; we roll up our sleeves, actively engage with the projects on the ground to truly understand the challenges of nature-based projects. By doing so, we ensure that our tech addresses project challenges with a deep understanding and resolve.

Today, our digital platform mirrors this harmony – it's innovative, simple, and crafted to revolutionize project lifecycles from start to finish.

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Our Journey

AirImpact has come a long way and we are looking forward to many more years of progress and nature restoration
2019 - Birth of AirImpact as a non-profit mission: enable payments in digital airtime to communities to incentivize conservation activities. 

Start of My Planet, a non-profit platform created for transparency in conservation funds.
2022 - First reforestation project with our local partner in the Nguru Mountains, home to a unique, 30-million-year-old rainforest
Sept 2022 - Realization of industry issues - this industry won’t scale without tech to solve industry issues: carbon calculation, transparency and amount of report writing into certification process!
Oct 2022 - Birth of AirImpact Digital Platform to scale nature-based projects
April 2023 - Big day! AirImpact Pte. Ltd Singapore, commercial entity setup
Sept 2023 - Onboarding the first projects
Dec 2023 - Launch of The Great Green Action during COP28
March 2024 - Public launch
Today, AirImpact transcends mere dialogue and pledges and drives genuine transactions that catalyze concrete climate action. 

Meet the team

Our team is spread across the globe. It reflects a perfect blend of tech expertise and knowledge of conservation, biodiversity and botany. Coupled with a profound understanding of hands-on experience in the field is something that distinctively sets us apart.
Antti Saarnio
CEO and Co-founder
Annika Saarnio
COO and Co-founder
Sophia Schwer
Business Development - 
David Biagini
Product Lead
Andrea Bianchi
Tropical botanist
Denis Alden
Carbon Calculations
Riikka Loisamo
Director Business Development
Aleenah Masud
Marketing and Communications
Lena Bezklubova
UI/UX Designer
Olha Vadiasova
Front-end Developer
Eliud Maiko
Front-end Developer
Ryan Jandrick Obeles
Back-end Developer
Thadeus Odenyo
Backend Developer & Testing Engineer
Chad Rossow
AI Developer
Ronyella Veliyusa
Quality Assurance


Michele Menegon
Biodiversity and Conservation
Nihel Chabrak
Great Green Academy